Gainful employment

Our humans have this running joke they think is SO funny. Whenever we lodge a perfectly legitimate complaint, such as only having three regular cat portions of Wallaby and Heart for dinner instead of the generally recognised acceptable daily dose of 15, they tell us to “get a job”. Much hilarity ensues. Sigh.

But the joke is on them, because we are in fact planning to get a job. As Sky technicians. We’ve been secretly serving our apprentiships for the last couple of weeks.

The only problem is Tao. Look at him on this job. He goes in there and looks cute but does nothing. Whereas I go in, take one look, diagnose the problem (that silly bit of cardboard) and move on to the next task while he’s still in there basking in the glory he didn’t contribute one jot to!

I bet the MGM Lion didn’t have to put up with this rubbish.