Scratching posts

One of the best things about our humans is they spend a lot of money on things for us to sink our claws into. We have a big kitty castle downstairs with bits of carpet stuck to it and another little scratching post upstairs – in our room that we allow the humans to share with us.

There’s also the big bed with lovely sides that Mishka already did the groundwork on tearing to shreds for us – she took all the heat for it so the humans don’t seem too bothered when we do it now.

But last week things got even better! Dad unexpectedly came home in the middle of the day and locked us in the bathroom. We were wondering what was going on but then when he let us out there was an incredibly generous present waiting for us in the lounge. A HUGE gleaming new scratching post! It’s the size of… I don’t even know what to compare it to… it’s as big as a lounge suite!!

So exciting. It’s so soft and squishy and new and when I extend my claws into it, it just feels so warm and luxuriiiiiiooARGH WHERE DOES THAT DAMN WATER KEEP COMING FROM???