Cat and mouse

Everyone knows the whole reason domesticated cats are a thing is because back in the days before humans regressed and devolved into what they are today, they needed us to the keep rodent populations down in their early settlements.

Of course, their cunning plan had a fatal flaw. They simply didn’t bank on the fact that we’re much smarter than them.

We quickly realised we didn’t really have to work for food. We just had to sit there, look cute, and they would put fresh, off the bone, prime cuts in a spot where all we had to do was slink over to it a few feet from the cave fire. I mean, come on, would you waste your energy chasing after a dirty stinking rat after that? I think not.

Still, it’s not a bad idea to pretend to be mighty hunters every once in a while. Just to let them save a little face and keep the prime cuts coming.