Wide angle

It’s not every day a human gets one over us. But ok, fair cop, today was one of them.

Ours think they are so good at teasing us with things like balls on strings. And what is it with those little dots of red light? You can never work out where they come from or where they disappear to…




The thing is though, until now we’ve had a great way of getting our own back.

As you can tell, Dad likes taking photos of us. But we know he’s only got a zoom lens on that fancy camera of his, so we get hours of pleasure by being as cute as we can possibly be – really really close to him so he can’t get a photo. He hates it! LOL!

But today there was an unexpected twist. He got an old camera we never knew existed out of the top of the wardrobe and, low and behold, it’s got a wide angle lens on it. Dammit…

It’s not the end of the world though. We can always fall back on good old Operation Black Piranha – biting his toes at 3am.