Go Maki, it’s ma birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s ma birthday, we’re gonna sip toilet water like it’s ma birthday…

Tao and I are one year old today. That’s 15 in human years, so look the hell out because we’ll be hitting the nightclubs very soon. But first there are a number of people, both human and feline, we’d like to acknowledge for making us the pictures of perfection we are today.

Firstly, to our feline dad Kaiser (Slique Wear The Fox Hat) and mum Katy (Sailavie Jaffa’s Cats Eye), thank you for our magnificent genes.

And to our breeder mum Jenny from Sailavie Siamese – thanks for setting those two up, and for letting us come and live in our forever home where there’s plenty of trouble to cause and cuddles to be had.

Thanks also to everyone involved in deciding that Tao and I would live together – we are the bestest of best buddies. If you are a human who would love to be owned by, I mean adopt, a Siamese – you should definitely get two. Please. It’s so much better when you’ve got a bestie to love and niggle.

And finally, to our humans who feed us, scoop up our poop and get over it remarkably quickly when we climb their new curtains, we say FEED US MORE.

Right! With all that nonsense out of the way, only one thing remains. Presents!

Well, don’t just sit there, hand them over!!!