A thoughtful feline

A thoughtful feline, now adult age
I fancy myself a budding sage
Questions that stumped Rousseau and Camus
Will be answered, by Maki, your cat guru

My going rate, some claim is steep
But high end reckons don’t come cheap
You won’t find a cat who’s half as smart
Asking less than a ton of wallaby and heart

Why are we here, what’s the meaning of life?
Why is the world in so much strife?
What is consciousness, do we have free will?
Why is America run by an ignorant pill?

These questions I’ll answer in good time
But first you must ponder a conundrum of mine
Because for all my wisdom and perspicacity
The meaning of love remains a mystery to me

I know I love food because I need to survive
I know I love humans because that’s how dinner arrives
But why in the name of a spewed up in loafer
Is there nothing I love more than my spot on the sofa?