Top cat

It’s official, I am one of the best cats in New Zealand and it’s a certifiable, verifiable, undeniable absolute ipso factaroo!

Last weekend the results of the New Zealand Virtual Cat Show came out. This was a competition entered by many top local and international cat breeders and it was watched very closely by those in the know in the world of cats. Amongst the hundreds of entries were award winning cats who have won grand championships as well as other virtual cat shows in New Zealand, the US and Europe.

And then there was little old me. And just quietly (LOL not too quietly) I managed to turn a few heads my way…

I was adjudged to be the second best short hair neuter/spay cat of any breed in the entire competition. And in light of the fact that the only cat who beat me was an overseas entry, without wanting to let my head swell toooooo big, that makes me officially the best desexed short hair cat in all of New Zealand.

And across all categories (entire cats, entire kittens, neuter/spay cats, neuter/spay kittens) I was also adjudged to be the runner up to the Supreme of Breed Siamese.

When all is said and done, there is really only one cat in all the land who can claim to have truly gotten the better of me.

No, it’s not Grand Emperor Pommeroy Mackleton. Nor is it Sir Dalton Snagglesworth III. It is not owned by a prince or a king, nor is it a social media influencer or a highly paid catfood model. No. It’s this clown…

I’m sitting here all perfect. Tao pulls a stupid face and bags a Best in Show in the “funny felines” category.

Seriously. I quit.